Collection: Chandeliers and Wooden Hanging Lights

Shop our made to measure wooden beam chandeliers, wooden beam hanging lights, cluster pendant lights and round whiskey barrel or cable reel cascade lights. Perfect above the dining table or kitchen island, or how about a dramatic feature in your hallway or staircase? We have some completed fixtures that are ready to ship, or we can design and build something that is perfect for you and your space.


We have hundreds of cable colours and many styles and colours of lamp holders to choose from. You choose the exact piece of timber that we use. Our timbers range from reclaimed spruce to ancient oaks and Elms - we are bound to have the perfect piece to match your interior decor.


Our made to measure lighting is perfect for self builders, extensions, barn conversions, new builds, kitchen renovations, home restorations and businesses. If you are a designer or in the trades, consider partnering with us with a trade account.


Each of our hanging lights are unique. To begin the design process we will start with some measurements. How high is your ceiling, what is beneath the chandelier - a kitchen island or dining table? How big is that piece of furniture, does it move? How tall is the tallest person in your household? Please feel free to send us photos and videos of your space so that we can better understand your needs. If you are unsure what we need, or would like to talk through a design before ordering, please do get in touch.


Have more questions? Most can be answered on our FAQ's page, but please do get in touch with any other queries. Once we receive your order we will add you to our order queue. The best place to see our lead times before ordering and then your position in the queue is via our client page.