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Rainbow Wooden Beam Chandelier

Rainbow Wooden Beam Chandelier

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Elevate your interiors with our exquisite reclaimed wooden beam lights, meticulously crafted to introduce a rustic charm to your home. Whether it's illuminating dinner conversations above a dining table, serving as the centrepiece for a kitchen island, adding a touch of grandeur to an entrance or staircase, or simply casting a comforting glow over a living area, our chandeliers are the embodiment of form and function.

Our rainbow luminaire features colourful bulbs in a variety of shapes to add extra warmth and intrigue to any space. We love this fixture with 1 x Avesta (centre), 4 x Kiruna and 2 x Amber tubes, and you can choose any colour combination, or even change the shapes, we will discuss this with you when we confirm your order, or chat with us now.

Length of timber: 80cm

Maximum drop: 120cm - the cable and chain lengths can be adjusted to suit your space, we will check with you before we make your fixture.

Weight approx 4Kg

The bulbs are guaranteed to last 15,000 hours (10 years if used for 4 hours per day). Please note that as the bulbs are hand blown by Calex the colours can sometimes be deeper or more pastel in colour tone.

This fixture is suitable for 220V - 240V (not suitable for Canada and the USA) You will receive the fixture, 7 x bulbs, 2 x matching hanging hooks, matching screws and matching ceiling cap. Please disregard the plug above the fixture in these listing photos and video, this is the way that we hang our fixtures in our studio, please see the last listing photo to see the hanging components provided.

**not suitable for exterior use, indoor use only**

Maximum lengths included in the fixture price:

50cm from the top of the timber to the ceiling, and 70cm of cable drop below the fixture is included in the price. Should you need additional chain or cable, please get in touch for a custom quote. Additional chain is priced at £15 per m, and cable £6 per m.

Lead Time/Shipping

Please check our client page for information on lead and make times (they vary throughout the year depending on how busy we are). If you have a time constraint please message us before placing your order. Once we receive your order we will confirm your design choices with you, assign you a workshop order number, and add your details to our client page on our website. From there you will be able to track your order progress. Once we begin to make your order we will keep in touch and send you photos as we progress. More information can be found on our FAQ's page.

Learn more about how hanging lights can enhance your home in our blog Illuminate Your Space: Exploring the Versatility of Hanging Lights.

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