Installing our chandeliers is relatively easy and a competent DIYer could easily install their own fixture. We send our fixtures with full instructions and everything you should need to install it. If you are at all in doubt at any stage we do recommend that you consult a builder or electrician.

Take a look at our handy video, below, which explains what's in the box and how to install your wooden beam chandelier.

Can we install locally?

We are often asked if we can install our made to measure lighting fixtures. Unfortunately this is not a service that we personally offer.

We are so busy in the studio designing and making our lighting fixtures to order, that we simply don't have the time available to travel to our clients homes and undertake installation. We can recommend local installers, please see below.

How to install your wooden beam chandelier

  • Trusted Trades

    Here's our local recommendations for trusted trades people, and we hope to add to this list in the future.

    Please get in touch with them directly and share with them your design plan and timescale.

    We are happy to speak directly with your chosen installer about the design and any special requirements if needed.

  • Max and David

    Max and David have installed several our our chandeliers in some quite tricky places, so they understand us, our designs, and how our fixtures need to be hung. They are brilliant guys and great problem solvers.

    We recommend Max and David if you have a particularly large fixture, or awkward access.


    Tel: 07770 401474

  • MPC Electrics

    Matthew Cully of MPC electrics is the perfect person to contact for installation of pendant lights and chandeliers in the Torbay area.

    Tel: 07771 992621