Fully weather proof lamp holders and fabric cable, combined with our new selection of decorative LED bulbs, make the perfect garden lighting sculpture.

You can buy the individual components to create your outdoor illumination, or ask us to create a freestanding tree lamp. 

We can also pre wire bulb holders and cable, to your custom lengths, to an outdoor junction box for you ready to wrap around your own tree or pergola and plug in. Each element can be chosen, modified and combined according to your needs and preferences.

Please note that suitable outdoor power cables and weather-proof socket must be available as this fixture is mains powered, not solar. ​

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Outdoor tree lamp - MooBoo Home



Water has never been a natural environment for light. Until today. Finally a good looking IP65 Outdoor lighting system! Say goodbye to boring black plastic cables, fixed wall lights and solar fairy lights, and say hello to creative, mains powered, stunning lighting.

We can create your bespoke outdoor illumination, with guaranteed Creative-Cables quality.



The E27 IP65 lamp holder is weather proof, thanks to the special insulating gel inside and a watertight membrane on the bulb, this lamp holder withstands rain and storms in complete safety.

We use the EIVA lighting system which is designed, engineered and patented by Creative-Cables and will allow you to illuminate your outdoor spaces, your garden, patio or terrace, the outdoor seating area of your restaurant or bar.



There are so many decorative LED bulbs to choose from, but we are big fans of the colour gradient bulbs by Dutch firm Calex. The graduated tinted glass with spiral filament really is very lovely and will make a sculptural statement in any outdoor space. Calex decorative LED bulbs come in a wide range of shapes, colours and sizes and you can find some of the gorgeous bulbs in our shop.

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If you would like us to make up outdoor cable which have the lamp holders and weather proof junction box pre wired ready to mount to a surface (for example if you'd like to light your pergola), and you aren't confident to DIY, we are happy to help. We will need to know the following:

  • How many lamp holders would you like?
  • How long should each length of cable be? (hint: when measuring to wrap around a structure, use a piece of string to get the desired wrap  and then measure the length of the string).
  • What is the distance from the junction box to the power supply? (hint: if this cable will not be seen we wont use fabric cable but instead a standard outdoor black cable which will help to save money).
  • What colour lamp holders and cable would you like (check out our outdoor lighting shop page for options)?

Send us a message with your requirements and we can give you a quote.

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Outdoor tree lamp - MooBoo Home



Our tree lamps are each unique and can transform an outdoor space. We have access to 450 acres of country park, and a fantastic working relationship with the head groundskeeper, so we are confident that we can find the right shape branch for your space.

We set the branches into heavy oak bases, but they will also need to be anchored to the floor once installed.

Prices start at £725

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