Vintage and antique

Phonograph Speaker Horns

We aren't reinventing the wheel here, people have been putting smart phones in pint glasses, basins, trafic cones and pringles tubes since the first generation iPhone hit the shelves. All of these work great to amplify music at home, or on the move, but they aren't very stylish. ​​​Kids in school and college are learning about how to enhance sound waves and have probably made something simliar to our wooden speakers in class, and there are bundles of DIY tutorials on You Tube on how to make these speakers. Not to mention the fantastic small businesses out there, such as Bitti Gitti Designs and Ecophonic (whose small speakers we stock in our studio) who are making wonderful portable wooden speakers. You'll even find some mass produced cheaper imports on eBay, and that might be perfect for you, but at MooBoo Home, we want to stand out from the crowd and make you something totally unique from genuine vintage, antique horns.



That's why when we make our speakers we use only genuine vintage or antique phonograph horns - and they aren't easy to come by.​​​​

Our speakers are sculputural, they enhance your space and, much like our lighting, they are there for the aesthetic as much as for practicality. Phonograph manufacturers such as Gramaphone and Edison got it right at the turn of the century, the sound that comes from the horn is sublime, there's really nothing like it. Don't expect stereo or bass, there isn't any bluetooth technology or charging cables - just simple, clean, beautiful sound from a piece of art, with provenance, standing proudly in your room.

We will make you a stunning sculptural piece that will outlast your phone, and be a talking point and centrepiece in your home for a many, many years to come. 



If a vintage phonograph horn isnt quite your style, or you'd prefer something that takes up less space or is personalised, then our range of wooden acoustic speakers could be for you.

You choose the style of the speaker and give us your graphic design ideas, we'll mock it all up for your approval before Andy painstakingly assembles the box and hand inks the artwork.