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From here you can see your order progress, and as soon as we have it, the estimated completion date for your order. 

Our estimated lead time at present for timber based designs (chandeliers/tables/wall lights/large lamps) is 8 - 14 weeks from order confirmation. Our estimated lead time for pendants, small lamps and wall lights is 6 - 8 weeks.

Some orders will have work done to them ahead of others, this may be a for lots of reasons, such as they have requested a specific date for completion at the point of order, the timber needed to be prepped and dried or have sika applied, or the timber had to be worked on a little to assist with finalising the design. Sometimes if we have several similar orders, we will work on them together in order to streamline our workflow. Chandeliers typically take 4-6 days to complete once started, tables can take 7-9 days, lamps (depending on the complexity) take 1-2 days, outdoor fixtures take 7-10 days and pendants take 1 day - please note that these are only estimates, we can encounter problems along the way, or need to keep checking design details with you, and these can extend the lead time. If we need to order in component parts, or have parts manufactured or plated, this may also extend the lead time.

Have more questions? Most can be answered on our FAQ's page, but please do get in touch with any other queries.


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Client Orders

Order 99 Norris

10/11/23 Console table

4/1/24 Sanding the oak ready for cutting and assembly. Bespoke table legs being made by our supplier now.

15/2/24 final sanding ready for assemebly and colour choices.

Order 102 Williams

17/11/23 1m60cm beam, 11 lamp holders grey cable, bronze components. 8-10 weeks.

4/1/24 timber being prepared

23/1/24 timber sanded, sides chosen, being cut to size and holes for cable marked out.

15/2/24 varnishing and joining wiring queue

19/2/24 staining Jacobean dark oak


Order 103 Jones

19/11/23 Branch lamp

24/1/24 bark stripping and sanding underway

19/2/24 stripped and sanded, base being prepped

Order 106 Allsop

1m Norwegian Spruce 5 bulbs

15/2/24 cables and components chosen, timber choice to make then underway

19/2/24 holes drilled, sanded and cable channels routed.

Order 107 Fowler

1300 dia Plymouth Oak round dining table

7/2/24 Oak being planed

Order 109 Jennings

1/12/23 Norwegian Spruce Bar table 120cm x 4 boards neat and natural

19/2/24 boards chosen and cut to size, sanding

Order 113 Gary

9/12/23 Whiskey barrel clock

2/2/24 oak cleaned, strengthening the back, will send more photos

7/2/24 barrel chosen

15/2/24 numbers being applied

19/2/24 final varnishing, shipping 21/2/24

Order 115 Page

13/12/23 red wine stave chandelier

19/2/24 staves being sanded and joined together

Order 118 Gee


30/12/23 Whiskey clock

17/2/24 sanded and secured together, next to varnish and apply numbers

Order 119 White


1/1/24 Norwegian Spruce flush mount chandelier 120cm 11 bulbs

Order 120 Ball


1/1/24 outdoor parts and Fab Lolly

Parts incoming, bulbs in stock

22/1/24 parts and bulbs shipped

Order 122 Pears

7/1/24 Norwegian Spruce 1.4m 7 lamp holders

29/1/24 advance kit shipped

Order 123 Oram-Tooley


10/1/24 Oak beam chandelier 9 lamp holders, 1m long

Order 125 Johnson

125A2 x oak slice triple pendants

125B 1 x wine stave wall light

125C 2 x oak desks

19/2/24 oak slices sanded and drilled. Stave wall light backing chosen and sanded, stave sanded.

Order 126 Daniels

Oak lamp

19/2/24 sanding

Order 128 Cottrell


26/1/24 Oak Whiskey Clock (painted)

Awaiting new oak stock to choose the barrel lid

19/2/24 sanding yellow barrel

Order 130 Fuller White


Triple cluster pendant light

Matt black components and black cable, 2 gold Evo and 1 x natural Evo

Order 132 Smith

30/1/24 triple evo pendant

parts ordered

Order 133 Gibbins

6/2/24 2 x oak back sconces with neo bulbs

Order 134 Lord


5/2/24 1m Oak Plank 5 bulb chandelier

Order 134A Midmer

9/2/24 #1040

1m Oak beam chandelier 5 bulb holders

Order 135 Haye

#1041 & #1042

9/2/24 1m Oak chandelier, 5 lamp holders and advance kit

Order 136 Hodgson

10/2/24 Oak whiskey stave chandelier re -wire

Order 137 Johnson-Ducie

12/2/24 Ring log Collect 25th March