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From here you can see your order progress, and as soon as we have it, the estimated completion date for your order. 


Our estimated lead time at present is 10 -12 weeks from order confirmation.


Some orders will have work done to them ahead of others, this may be a for lots of reasons, such as they have requested a specific date for completion at the point of order, the timber needed to be prepped and dried or have sika applied, or the timber had to be worked on a little to assist with finalising the design. Sometimes if we have several similar orders, we will work on them together in order to streamline our workflow. Chandeliers typically take 2-4 days to complete once started, lamps (depending on the complexity) take 1-2 days, outdoor fixtures take 7-10 days and pendants take 1 day - please note that these are only estimates, we can encounter problems along the way, or need to keep checking design details with you, and these can extend the lead time. Unfortunately if we suffer delays to an order before yours, it will inevitably have a knock on effect. If we need to order in component parts, or have parts manufactured or plated, this may also extend the lead time. We are a full time team of two with one part time member of staff, all of our creations and unique and handmade, and as such take time to make perfect.

Have more questions? Most can be answered on our FAQ's page, but please do get in touch with any other queries.



  • Silhouette - your order is in the queue, work has not yet begun
  • Star - work is underway, we'll be in touch if we have any questions or want to share photos or videos with you.
  • Lightning bolt - we are wiring your order.
  • Question Mark - we are waiting for client decisions
  • Stopwatch - we are waiting for component parts or bulbs to be delivered
  • Truck - your order is finished and ready for collection/to ship.


If the making process of your chandelier is taking longer than expected and your builder or electrician is chomping at the bit, please consider ordering our advance wiring kit. That way your electrician can install, test and certify your electrical installation in advance of your fixture arriving. Read more about our advance kits here.


Once an order is complete you will receive an email notification, if it is being shipped, with tracking details or a WhatsApp message if you are collecting in person. To read more about our terms and conditions please click here.

Client Orders

Order 155 Rumbsby

3/4/24 SI-201

2 x 10 bulbs spiral whiskey chandelier, kinna bulbs

21/6/24 selecting two similar barrels and preparing for strengthening and sanding

Order 156 Mitchell

4/4/24 SI-202 Phonograph Horn Speaker

21/6/24 selecting oak to shape for the speaker base

Order 157 Taylor

9/4/24 2 x natural branch wall lights

21/6/24 cutting 2 x branches and stripping the bark

11/7/24 wiring

18/7/24 ready to collect

Order 158 Young

15/4/24 #1058

1 x advance hanging kit

1 x 10 lamp holders cable reel chandelier

12 x G125 bulbs

21/6/24 sanding back the cable reel

8/7 waiting for measurements

Order 160 Coombs

22/4/24 SI-205 Whiskey Barrel 6 bulb chandelier

5/7/24 oak prepped and ready for holes - waiting on confirmation of the number (6 or 7)

15/7/24 varnishing

17/7/24 waiting for cable and component colour choice

Order 162 Walsh

25/4/24 SI-207

Waterproof Norwegian Spruce 1m 5 lamps

Advance kit shipped 4/5/24

9/7/24 sanding and prepping

Order 163 Down

29/4/24 SI-208

2 x 300 year old oak chandeliers, 5 lamp holders in each

10 x G125 amber bulbs

Order 164 Morrisey

#1060 Whiskey Clock

Order 165 Lord

12/5/24 SI-212

Stave floor lamp & triple pendant

16/6/24 triple pendant being wired by Ruth

18/6/24 triple pendant ready to ship, waiting on 470 lm bulbs to arrive.

Order 166 Gigg

23/5/24 SI-214

Various fixtures

14/6/24 advance kit ready to collect

Order 167 Matthews

28/5/24 (was 150) 1m50cm Oak beam 6 lamp holders

10/7/24 planing and sanding oak beam

Order 168 Harvey

SI-218 triple kinna pendant 31/5/24

Order 169 Webber

Etsy 1300 9 bulbs Norwegian Spruce

Order 171 Sharpe

#1061 120cm oak beam 8 lamp holders

14/6/24 advance kit shipped

Order 172 O'Donoghue

#1062 Whiskey barrel clock

Order 173 Webb

18/6/24 2 x oak wall lights, grey stain, fixed rod, brushed copper

Order 174 Plakhova-Freshville

23/6/24 Whiskey barrel chandelier

Order 175 Bishop

24/6/24 Oak wine stave chandelier

Order 176 Sarah

1m oak beam chandelier, advance kit and double wall light

Advance kit shipped

Order 178 Kamlow

22/6/24 Whiskey clock

Order 179 Willcocks

1/7/24 #1064

whiskey clock

Order 181 Phillips

8/7/24 SI-227 3 x single pendants with steel shades (black outer spray)

10/7/24 shades ordered

Order 182 Palmer

10/7/24 1m Norwegian Spruce 3 x copper shades

Order 183 Bouchard

6/7/24 #1066 Triple pendant with metz

Order 184 Buckley

11/7/24 D4 Wine stave chandelier + 5 G125 titanium bulbs