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Oak Beam Wooden Chandelier Cluster Pendant Light

Oak Beam Wooden Chandelier Cluster Pendant Light

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The Oak Beam Chandelier: A Symphony of Craftsmanship & Elegance

Elevate your home interiors with a touch of natural elegance and timeless craftsmanship. The Oak Beam Chandelier by MooBoo Home is not just a light fixture but a statement piece that beautifully complements any decor.

Collaborative Design:
Your vision, combined with MooBoo Home's expertise, creates a bespoke chandelier tailored just for you. This isn't a generic product; it’s an artistic collaboration, ensuring an exclusive design that's unparalleled in its beauty and character.

Why Oak?
Oak is timeless. It exudes warmth, strength, and a rustic charm. By incorporating an Oak Beam Chandelier in your home, you add a touch of nature, grounding your space with an earthy presence. This magnificent hardwood sourced from the historic signposts of Dorset, or the shipyards of Plymouth, enhances every room it graces, radiating a cozy ambiance - whether it's suspended over a dining table, a kitchen island, or casting a warm glow over your bed.

Customisation Options:

  • Historic Wood Selection: Choose from our exquisite collection of oak beams, each telling a unique story.
  • Finish & Colours: Decide on the timber's stain and finish, as well as the cable and bulb holder hues. While black remains a classic choice, other colours are available upon request.
  • Custom Brackets: For an impeccable fit, add custom-made brackets by our in-house Blacksmith, Rex Latham. Expertly shaped to complement your chosen beam, they add a touch of robust charm to the design.
  • Fixture & Wiring Details: After determining the design, we’ll finalise the wiring specifics, ensuring optimal spacing and bulb arrangement, tailored for your space.

Authentic Reclaimed Beauty:

Each oak piece showcases variations due to its reclaimed nature, ensuring your chandelier is truly one of a kind. We meticulously select each piece, emphasizing the wood's inherent beauty and grain.

Pricing & Custom Quotes:
Our pricing reflects the chandelier's unique attributes, including timber length and bulb count. For distinct desires or varying sizes, please reach out for a personalised quote.

Embrace the enduring beauty of oak and enhance your home with a masterpiece that resonates with history, craftsmanship, and your personal touch.


Bulbs not included as they vary in price depending on the size, shape and colour that you choose. We would be happy to try different bulbs in the finished fixture and send you photos before you make your final decision. Please browse our bulbs page to see our full range.

Lead Time/Shipping

Please check our client page for information on lead and make times. If you have a time constraint please message us before placing your order. Once we receive your order we will confirm your design choices with you, assign you a workshop order number, and add your details to our client page on our website. From there you will be able to track your order progress. Once we begin to make your order we will keep in touch and send you photos as we progress.

* We know that our lead time is quite long now and we understand that you may be having work done now, or in the near future, and may not be able to wait for your fixture. Therefore, to save time, and also the cost of having your electrician back, we can send in advance a hanging kit which includes your ceiling hooks, screws, ceiling cap with pre-wired small three pin connector plug with the drawing of your fixture for your builder/electrician to install in advance. That way, when your fixture arrives, it is simply a case of hanging and plugging in (we will have made sure that there is space in the top of the timber to hide the plug, so the view from below will still be seamless). This also makes it easy to take down your fixture for cleaning in the future. 

* PLEASE NOTE * Each fixture that we make for use in the UK and Europe will have 240V ES lamp holders and our lights are earthed due to the use of metal lamp holders. 

Customers in the USA and Canada

Please read the following guidance before placing your order: North America UL Listing Information

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