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The Design process: how it works

Welcome to MooBoo, the home of made to measure, bespoke, unique and fabulous lighting. We are first and foremost designers of ambiance; we design and make the perfect lighting fixtures for your home, or business.

Designing your lighting with us is a fun and fulfilling way of realising that idea that’s been niggling in the back of your mind for a while, perhaps you’ve been inspired by Pinterest or Instagram, but have searched and searched the internet and can only find cheap imperfect carbon copy versions of your dream lighting, or hideously expensive and not quite right versions. Your search should end here, we will design a lighting fixture that is perfect for you, to suit your design style and that won’t break the bank. To complement or contrast against existing or planned décor changes, we can be part of the initial design process right from the planning stages or join your project for the finishing touches – whatever stage of your interior design journey you are at, we will ensure your lighting fixture is as unique as you are and fits your home or business perfectly.

You can be as involved in the design process as you want, you may have a clear vision of what you want right to the smallest detail, and we can make that a reality. Or you may not know where to start and can simply sit back and let us design for you. We have some wonderful, reclaimed timber at our fingertips, as well as access to sustainably sourced local materials to make sure your dream lighting fixture becomes a reality.

Our studios and in person visits

Our workshop, studio and shop are situated in the picturesque Cockington Country Park in the heart of the English Riviera. We are part of a wider community or artists and artisans situated behind the Manor House in Cockington Court Craft Centre.  In our studio you can view a variety of hanging light, pendant and chandelier designs on display both for sale and for inspiration. We stock a wide range of Calex bulbs and can order in any style or colour from their range of super-efficient decorative LED light bulbs.  If you are visiting us in person, no appointment is necessary – however to ensure that we are in the studio that day, and can dedicate time to you, please do get in touch so we can put you in the diary. Please allow around 1 hour for a design visit.

In our studio we will discuss design, timber type, cable and component colours and bulb types with you. You can choose first hand every element of your lighting, from limitless hanging light designs to simple pendants, to cascade chandeliers to floor and table lamps, we are confident that we can design something perfect for you. We are well known for our wooden beam chandeliers – from neat and clean pale oak timbers to ancient and knarly elms, we have a range of reclaimed timber to suit any interior, and our stock is ever changing. Combine rustic oaks with sleek lamp holders and smooth cables, Wooden canopies and rainbow cable and bulb colour schemes bring a welcome pop of colour to any space. If you don’t think reclaimed timber is quite right for your home, we can explore other sustainably sourced materials such as steel and mirrored Perspex. Our traditional UK made pressed brass lamp holders hold an air of Victorian sophistication and work very well with rustic timbers, as well as wonderful wall and pendant lighting.

Measurements and sizes

We have some basic recommendations about where to start when designing, but ultimately, the overall size, shape and finish is totally up to you. Some people like lots of bulbs clustered tightly together, others prefer the bulbs further spread apart across the canopy to show off the reclaimed timber more. Some wish to wrap the cables around the outside of a reclaimed timber beam, others prefer the cables passed through the centre. These styles will form part of our design consultation and will be influenced by your interior style and décor as well as practicalities such as the use of the space and considering task lighting as well as ambience.

Your space

It will really help us to see your space – even if its still a building site! Send us photos and videos, design plans, mood boards, colour swatches and even floor, paint and fabric samples. Heck, share your Pinterest boards with us! All these elements help us to build an understanding of you, your space and your vision.

From first fix electrics to the final touches

Working from the initial design phase can save time and money for you. If we can work with your build team to ensure that power, and timber beams to support the weight of your chosen fixture, is in the right place and has the right control (circuits/switches/dimmers), this can save time and money in the long run. But don’t worry if you are further on, or your hanging light is the finishing touch – we can still advise and work with you to design and build the perfect lighting fixture.

Remote design and ordering

It really doesn’t matter where in the world you are; we can design for you remotely. We will send you photos and videos of our timber, cables and components. Draw design plans and send video explainers to make sure we get everything perfect. As with out in person design sessions, you choose everything and sign off on the design before we begin the build.

Hanging lights fixing points

Our chandeliers can vary in weight, from a few kilograms to 30 or 40kg on the larger oaks. You will need to make sure that the ceiling hooks are fixed into timer joists that are sound and free of rot. Each of our hooks has a safe working load of 25kg, so two hooks are sufficient when fixed to timber. If you don’t have joists in quite the right place, you may need to have noggins installed to span between joists. We can put hooks wherever is need on the top of the timber, and you can also move them to the perfect position.

How long does the design and build process take?

The processing time, or estimated delivery time, depends on how long the design process takes and then sourcing materials to make your light. We hand make all of our creations in our studio there are two of us full time, and one part time member of staff. Sometimes orders before yours can be delayed and that can have a knock-on effect. A good place to keep track of how busy we are is via out Client Area, you can view our current lead time, and status of your order, on the client page of our website.


Installing our chandeliers is relatively easy and a competent DIYer could easily install their own fixture. We send our fixtures with full instructions and everything you should need to install it. If you are at all in doubt at any stage, we do recommend that you consult a builder or electrician. Why not take a look at our handy videos on pour YouTube channel which explains what's in the box and how to install your wooden beam chandelier? We are often asked if we can install our made to measure lighting fixtures in homes and businesses local tot us in Torbay. Unfortunately, this is not a service that we personally offer. We are so busy in the studio designing and making our lighting fixtures to order, that we simply don't have the time available to travel to our clients’ homes and undertake installation. We can recommend local installers and are always on the lookout for more trusted and recommended trades people.

Designing lighting for continuity throughout a home or business

If you are looking for a more than a single fixture and a more comprehensive lighting design scheme throughout your home, we can then look at other places in your home where we can match lighting, be it with complementary lamps or wall lights, or pendants using the same cables, components and bulbs. This way you can have continuity across your space and be reassured that no one else will have interior lighting design like yours. We don’t have to do you whole house at once, we can go room by room keeping in mind design choices and then making decisions whether to match or contrast against each rooms style.

Hanging lights are often the centrepiece of a space, making an impact in an entrance way or over a grand staircase, creating an intimate and cosy dining experience, a warm and inviting kitchen dining area or providing practical light where needed. Your hanging light can be whatever it needs to be, and wherever it needs to be and that’s why working with designers such as us will ensure that you aren’t simply making something off the shelf fit, and walking into someone else’s space and saying ‘snap’ we’ve got that that same light, your dream lighting fixture is made just for you and will be totally unique and a talking point for many years to come!

Most questions can be answered on our FAQ's page, but if you like to chat please get in touch to discuss your ideal lighting design.

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