Collection: Pendant Lights

From classy replacements for your single ceiling pendant lights, to plug in versions and cluster pendant lights. Place light where you need it to be in your space with our plug in pendants, or use cluster pendant lights to add drama and interest to a staircase or dining room. 

Having us make your pendants exactly to size saves you time and money. No need to make do with off the shelf, get the fixtures you need, in the colours you want, and with the bulbs that you desire to make your space truly unique. Perfect over dining tables, kitchen islands or sweeping staircases. Bespoke pendant lights by MooBoo Home are the perfect addition to any home.

Have more questions? Most can be answered on our FAQ's page, but please do get in touch with any other queries. Once we receive your order we will add you to our order queue. The best place to see our lead times before ordering and then your position in the queue is via our client page.