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Sustainable Interior Decor using Reclaimed Timber

The benefits of reclaimed timber

Reclaimed wood is a hot commodity in the interior design world. It has unique character that can’t be found in new timber, and it’s environmentally friendly. There are many benefits to using reclaimed timber, especially for wooden beam lights. Reclaimed timber comes from old buildings that are being demolished as well as countryside posts, gate and fence posts. Reclaimed timber also has more character than new wood. It’s often more weathered and has a unique grain pattern. This adds character and charm to a space that new timber can’t provide. If you’re looking for a unique and environmentally friendly material for your home, consider using reclaimed timber, better yet, ask MooBoo Home to make you a reclaimed wood beam chandelier.

Using reclaimed timber is a sustainable way of making lighting and homewares which helps protect the environment. Reclaiming timber helps keep materials out of landfill or being burnt which would contribute to climate change.

Using reclaimed timber is a sustainable way of making lighting and homewares which helps protect the environment

When looking for sustainable materials to use in lighting and homewares, many people overlook reclaimed timber. Reclaimed timber is a great choice for a sustainable material as it is durable, stylish, and environmentally friendly. The process of harvesting timber can be very damaging to the environment, so using reclaimed timber helps offset this damage. Reclaimed timber is also a very durable material, so it will last longer and won’t need to be replaced as often. This means that there will be less waste over time, and that the products made from reclaimed timber will have a lower environmental impact than those made from other materials. Reclaimed timber is also a very stylish material, and can add a unique and rustic look to any home. The character and patina of reclaimed timber is something that cannot be replicated with new timber, so using reclaimed timber is a great way to add some unique style to your home.

Climate change - feel good about your sustainable home decor choices

Timber is a sustainable resource that can be reused or recycled instead of being disposed in landfill sites or burnt, which would release harmful emissions into the atmosphere and contribute to climate change. Using reclaimed timber helps to reduce the demand for new timber, which is often sourced from environmentally-damaging practices such as clear-cutting. It also means that valuable resources are not wasted – for example, old-growth timber that has been reclaimed can be used to create unique and stunning furnishings, such as our wooden beam lights or bespoke tables and desks instead of being chipped or burnt. Young reclaimed timber is often less expensive than new timber, and is worth the investment as it is a sustainable and eco-friendly product. Ancient oak and elm beams will carry a higher price tag as they are rare, but the investment is worth it. Many reclaimed timber resellers and reclamation yards understand that ancient oak and elm is hard to come by and very desirable and so they will be more expensive, however we believe they are worth the investment.

When designing reclaimed wood beam chandeliers, we use energy efficient LED light bulbs, thus ensuring a low carbon footprint fixture by using less energy than the incandescent equivalent bulbs. With a wide range of LED bulb shape sizes and colours you really can bring all the colours of the rainbow into your home and be assured that you are helping to protect the environment whilst doing so. 

Why don't you make new wood look old? 

We have been asked to use newer cheaper timber and to fake age to make our fixtures, and we always say no. It is impossible to fake old timber and make new wood look reclaimed - it doesn't withstand close scrutiny. You will find many cheaper wooden beam lights on Etsy, eBay and Amazon, but pay close attention to the timber - zoom in and have a good look. A lot of the time they have used new beams and either used a flame or stains to artificially age the beam, or even stamps to fake worm holes and carve sections of timber out. Some makers also use strip wood made into boxed sections - which gives lots of opportunity to hide cabling, but the joins are visible and it looks, in our opinion, cheap.

If the price tag is low and it seems to good to be true, it often is. Cheap versions of wooden beam lights are usually made with new low cost timber, but also pay close attention to the cables and components. We use only the best Italian fabric covered cables and high quality brass turned lamp holders and components. You may find that the cheaper version use plastic cables and lamp holders, and from a design point of view that will cheapen the look and compromise the design of your space. Also make sure that the fixture that you are looking at has the correct lamp holders for your region, for example in North America and Canada the voltage is 120V and the lamp holder/bulb size is E26 - these lamp holders do not have an earth and instead have an inner cardboard tube to protect against electric shock.  This lamp holder is not suitable for use in the UK or Europe but we have seen many fixtures on the market using these lamp holders. It's worth spending a little more for quality genuine reclaimed timbers and the correct, safe and high quality electrical components and reap the rewards for years to come.

Reclaimed Elm Beam Chandelier

The beauty of reclaimed timber

For our ancient reclaimed wooden beam chandeliers we only use genuine reclaimed timber. It needs to have had a purpose before it came to us, and we like to know what that was. We will go to great efforts to find out where the timber came from, how old it is, what its previous use was. For example, if it has come out of an old building, what was the buildings history, who went there, what happened there? When you buy a reclaimed wooden beam chandelier from us, you will not only receive a beautifully designed lighting fixture, but also a piece of history.

Ancient reclaimed timber just oozes character. Each individual piece has a story to tell, and that's something that can't be said for new, mass-produced timber. Reclaimed timber has a unique history, and that's part of its charm. Whether it's been used in a barn for decades, or sourced from an old shipwreck, a manor house or 17th century cottage, each piece of reclaimed timber has its own story. And that's something that really appeals to us. We love the idea of being able to bring a piece of history into our homes, and using it in a way that will help it to tell its story for years to come.

Reclaimed timber is also environmentally friendly. It's a sustainable option, as it's been used before, so there's no need to fell new trees. And it's often of a higher quality than new timber, as it's likely to have been seasoned for longer. This means that it's more stable, and less likely to warp or shrink. It's sure to add character and charm, and will help you to create a truly one-of-a-kind piece.

The unique charm of reclaimed timber

There's something undeniably charming about reclaimed timber. Perhaps it's the history behind it – each piece bearing the marks of its former life. Or the patina that can only come from years of use. Whatever the reasons, reclaimed timber has a unique appeal that's hard to resist.

In summary, if you're considering one of our wooden beam chandeliers made from reclaimed timber, here are just a few of the benefits you can enjoy:

1. Reclaimed timber is sustainable. As more and more people become conscious of the need to protect our environment, sustainable building materials are becoming increasingly popular. Reclaimed timber is the perfect solution for those looking for an eco-friendly option.

2. Reclaimed timber is unique. No two pieces are exactly the same, which means you can create a truly one-of-a-kind look for your home. Whether you have us make a lamp, chandelier or table, it will have a distinct character that you simply can't get with new materials.

3. Reclaimed timber is durable. Think of all the wear and tear Timber has endured over the years. It's been beaten by the sun and rain, gouged by nails and tools, and eroded by the elements. Yet it still stands strong. That's because timber is an incredibly durable material, and reclaimed timber is even more so.

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