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Wooden beam lights: a perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics

Wooden beam light fixtures are a favourite among homeowners seeking a rustic, homey feel in their decor. They add both light and texture to a room, serving as a focal point all on their own. But what exactly are wooden beam lights, and why are they such a popular choice? In this article, we'll take a closer look at these beautiful fixtures, their various styles and finishes, as well as how they are used to enhance the look and feel of any home.


The basics of wooden beam lights

Wooden beam lights are composed of a reclaimed or sustainably sourced timber that makes them environmentally friendly as well as stunningly unique. The beams are cut to different lengths and shapes depending on the space's size, and the lighting can be affixed to the beams in different ways. Several lights are placed along the wooden beams to create a bright and warm ambience, mimicking a natural glow that one would experience outside a cabin in the woods.

Functionality of wooden beam lights

Aside from their appearance, one of the benefits of wooden beam lights is the ample illumination they provide. As a result, they are ideal for rooms where brighter lighting is required, such as kitchens, dining rooms, and living rooms. They bring style in both a classic rustic area vibe and modern industrial look, with Italian cords and pendant lights that give off an understated luxury vibe.


Integrating with the interior decor

Wooden beam lights come in various sizes and shapes, providing flexibility in your interior decor. If you're looking to match your wooden beam light with other wood elements in a room, consider the beam's wood type, as well as its wood colour, and size. Different rooms require different sizes – it's said that the light should be proportional to the room size, and if you've got a high ceiling, you can go bigger on the wood beam. These pieces are simple and versatile, effortlessly blending with existing interiors, creating a sense of harmony, cohesiveness, and luxury.


 "One popular style for wooden beam lights is the "barn beam" design. This style features beams taken from old barns or buildings, giving the lights an aged, rustic look. The beams can be rough-hewn or sanded down for a more polished feel. Some homeowners even opt to have their lights custom made from the wood of a tree that has sentimental value, such as a tree from their childhood home, for a truly one-of-a-kind piece."

Where to use wooden beam lights

The versatility of wooden beam lights lends themselves to installation in various settings. They are particularly adaptable to rustic, island, or coastal themed homes, but can also work in other settings dependent on the wood type and lighting type of the bulbs you incorporate. Use wooden beam lights in the dining room in a single chandelier style or outfitted overhead as part of a cluster for more delicate lighting, depending on the feel of the space.

A must-have for any interior

Wooden beam lights are an excellent option for brightening up a room while incorporating a timeless element at the same time. With the use of natural wood textures and designs, these lighting fixtures provide ample lighting and can blend in with your decor perfectly. By considering various factors such as the type of wood, light source, and size, you can integrate wooden beam lights into your home with ease. Whether overhead or on the wall, these versatile light fixtures are perfect for any living space.


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