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Reclaimed Oak Beams Make Stunning Chandeliers

Why oak beams make the perfect chandelier canopy

There's nothing like the warm, natural look of oak beams in your home. And when it comes to creating a chandelier canopy, there's no better material to use than oak.

Oak beams are incredibly strong and durable, the timber will last many lifetimes, its style is timeless.  Oak beams also have a beautiful natural grain that will add a touch of rustic elegance to your chandelier. So if you're looking for a material that's strong, beautiful, and versatile, oak is the perfect choice for your chandelier canopy.

Why use reclaimed oak over new oak

Reclaimed oak is the perfect material for a chandelier canopy for a number of reasons. The oak's natural grain pattern is beautiful, and adds a touch of elegance to any space. Because oak is a slow-growing hardwood, it is eco-friendly and sustainable, even more so when reclaimed as it reduces the need to fell oak trees. Using reclaimed oak gives you the opportunity to add a unique, one-of-a-kind element to your home.

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Reclaimed oak has qualities that cannot be faked with new timber, or faux materials

There's something special about old oak beams. They have a warmth and character that can't be faked with new or faux materials. Sure, there are techniques that we could use to age and add grain to a timber, to make it look like old oak, but only from a distance and it wouldn't pass close scrutiny. With reclaimed oak, it's the way the beams have been weathered by the elements over time, or the way they've been worked by human hands, or the ever changing conditions of a home that has been standing for an age. Whatever the reasons, old oak has qualities that make it the perfect material for a chandelier canopy.

  • Old oak has a natural patina that can't be replicated. 
  • Old oak beams are often more structurally sound than new lumber.
  • The character and history of the wood add a sense of warmth and sophistication to a space.

Patina is the result of years of exposure to the elements, and it gives old oak a rich, deep colour that can't be matched by new wood. Old oak beams that have been properly cared for can last for centuries, a chandelier made from reclaimed oak will probably outlast generations of your family.

The character of old oak is unique. The grain pattern is often more pronounced, and the wood may contain knots and other imperfections. We are huge fans of pippy oak, where there are marks that resemble cats paws where young offshoots from the trunk of the tree have sprouted. Spalted oak is where a tree that has been dead for some time has a fungal infection, and whilst this may sound bad, it actually gives the most beautiful dark patterns through the wood that is totally unique and quite hard to come by.

These characteristics give old oak a rustic charm that is perfect for a chandelier canopy. If you want to add a touch of hygge warmth to your interior, an oak beam chandelier is the perfect choice.

Old oak also has a sense of history. The wood may have been used in a family home for generations, or it may have come from a centuries-old barn or ship. This history adds a sense of warmth and sophistication to a space. When we choose a piece of oak with you for your bespoke chandelier, we make sure that the timber is sound, free of rot or damage that would make it unstable, and matches (or contrasts) the design brief and any surrounding decor. Old oak beams that have been treated with a varnish will be more resistant to damage and will last for many years.

Reclaimed oak will blend seamlessly with rustic or modern interiors

The natural grain of oak is beautiful, and it can complement both rustic and modern interiors. Oak is a classic timber that has been used for centuries in furniture and architectural elements, so it adds a sense of history and tradition to any space. If you are modernising a building and have oak beams removed for structural reasons, it is lovely to re-purpose those beams into a chandelier for your home, thus keeping a part of the buildings original history within the space.

A modern interior can be softened with a rustic oak, the contrast between the old and new - particularly in an old building that has been modernised - is stunning and adds depth to your interior. 

In modern spaces we can use contemporary elements, such as cement lamp holders with an ancient oak, thus bringing the gap between old and in within the fixture and blending the two elements together in the space.

Not all reclaimed oak is rustic and knarly, some beams are quite sleek and smooth and so can complement a modern interior perfectly.

"When designing the perfect oak beam chandelier for your space, we will discuss with you the style and age of the building, your interior design choices, colour palette, practicality of the light source and surrounding furniture to help us design the perfect fixture for your home"

Using a more contemporary bulb shape, or colour, can add a touch of intrigue to your fixture and light your space with a rainbow of colours.

Summary: each piece of oak is unique, the result will be a truly stunning bespoke fixture that no other home will share.

Each piece of oak is unique. So, if you want a light fixture that is truly one-of-a-kind, go with an oak beam chandelier. The grain pattern and colour and patina of the oak will vary from piece to piece, so we can find the perfect piece of oak to complement your décor. If you want a rustic look for your light fixture, choose an oak beam that has a lot of character. For a more modern look, choose a piece of oak that has a clean, simple grain pattern. When you choose an oak chandelier canopy, you are choosing a piece of history. Oak is a traditional material that has been used for centuries to make furniture and architectural elements. So, when you choose an oak beam chandelier, you are choosing a timeless material that will add beauty and character to your home.

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