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Oak Beam Chandelier

Oak Beam Chandelier

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Our wooden beam lighting fixtures are perfect for the dining room as a feature over your dining table, a wonderful way of adding warmth to a living room or kitchen island. Want something special hanging over your bed, or a dramatic feature in your stairwell or entrance foyer? We can design a light that's personal to you. It is a bespoke made to order item and you can be assured that there won't be another like it! 

The design of this ceiling light is collaborative process, we want to make sure that you receive exactly what you want for your home and that's why we work with you to design your lighting fixture. We can guide you through the design process, we will discuss with you your space and how your fixture will fit within your home or business. We will discuss with you the overall size, the drop length of the cables, and draw a scale plan for you to agree to before we begin the making process. We have hundreds of cable colours to choose from as well as many component colours, you may also wish to have the timber stained and you can also choose the type of finish - varnish, was, oil etc. Once we receive your order we will begin the process of designing and choosing all of the components, you will then join our making queue (you can keep an eye on your order process via the Clients page of our website)

The type of timber that we use will be similar to the main picture, it will be a plank of oak from Plymouth dry docks. 

The timber is approximately 6cm (varies from 5-7cm) x 14cm (varies 15-18cm), the length is determined by the number of bulb holders. This oak is very old and weathered and has some lovely pale oak and light and dark grey tones and in our opinion the timber is glorious stripped back and simply finished with a matt varnish. We will send you photos of the oak for you to choose from.


  • You choose the cable colour (black is standard, please let us know if you would like us to use a different colour, we have hundreds to choose from) and finish of the bulb holders. 


  • We also need to know the distance that you would like between the ceiling and the top of the chandelier and also the maximum drop length (to the bottom of the bulb holder). 


  • Once you have chosen your components, and we have agreed on the overall size and finish, we will put the fixture together in our workshop and before the final wiring we will discuss with you the final lengths and juxtaposition (pattern) of the bulbs. 


  • Your light will then be shipped with all components (except bulbs and wall plugs) ready to be hung by a qualified electrician.

We never make a decision on your behalf, we always ask you first and we keep you fully informed every step of the way to ensure that you receive exactly what you want for your home.

  • Lead time is 8-10 weeks

**We know that our lead time is quite long at the moment and understand that you may be having work done now, or in the near future, and may not be able to wait for your fixture. Therefore to save time, and also the cost of having your electrician back, we can send you a hanging kit in advance. All the hanging kits include your ceiling hooks, screws, ceiling cap with pre-wired small three pin connector plug with the drawing of your fixture for your builder/electrician to install in advance. That way, when your fixture arrives, it is simply a case of hanging and plugging in (we will have made sure that there is space in the top of the timber to hide the plug, so the view from below will still be seamless). This also makes it easy to take down your fixture for cleaning in the future. Please add the following listing to your basket 

  • Sizes:

4 bulb holders, 50cm long 

5 bulb holders, 60cm long 

6 bulb holders, 70cm long 

7 bulb holders, 80cm long 

8 bulb holders, 90cm long 

9 bulb holders, 1m long

10 bulb holders, 1m 10cm

11 bulb holders, 1m 20cm 

12 bulb holders, 1m 30cm

**For larger sizes please get in touch for a custom quote.

  • The lengths of timber and number of bulbs are our design recommendations and we find that they work very well. 
  • The price of the piece is not just in relation to how many bulbs you choose, but also the length and type of timber. 
  • If you would like less bulbs, or more, than we list or have a specific length of timber and bulb number in mind please do get in touch for a custom quote. 

*Bulbs are not included*


Sizes are all subject to change depending on the type of timber available and the choices given to you as we design your light. Cable colour is black as standard, however we can source any colour that you would like.

The colour of bulb holders, ceiling rose, hooks and chain in the main pictured chandelier are Old English Brass. The cable is black, the wood has been stained with American Walnut and finished with a Matt Varnish. The dimensions of the main pictured light is 80cm long x 18.5cm deep x 6.5cm high.

Each piece of wood that we use will differ slightly as it is reclaimed, but we make sure we choose the best pieces possible and really work on bringing out the natural beauty of the colour and grain. We can go as rustic or as sleek as you wish, or as the timber will allow, just let us know your preference.

 UK & Europe

* PLEASE NOTE * Each fixture that we make for use in the UK and Europe will have 240V ES lamp holders and our lights are earthed due to the use of metal lamp holders.

Customers in the USA and Canada
Please read the following guidance before placing your order: North America UL Listing Information

We cannot take any responsibility for the safety of the fixture if the electrics provided are removed or tampered with. If you are uncertain of how to install your fixture please consult or hire a qualified electrician. All components will be provided with the exception of plugs to screw the hook plates into your ceiling/wall. Please ensure that you purchase the correct type of plugs for your surface to ensure the fixture is securely attached. We cannot accept any responsibility for fixtures that have been damaged, nor any damage to surrounding furniture and plasterwork, due to being hung with the wrong type of fixing, or that have not been installed by a qualified electrician.

Learn more about how hanging lights can enhance your home in our blog Illuminate Your Space: Exploring the Versatility of Hanging Lights.

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