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Advance Wiring Hanging Kit for Chandeliers and Wooden beam lights

Advance Wiring Hanging Kit for Chandeliers and Wooden beam lights

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At busy times our lead time can be a bit long, but we appreciate that work might be happening in your home or business now, or an electrician might be booked soon, and waiting might not be an option. 
  • Add this kit to your order and we will send out an advance hanging kit ready for your electrician to install (saves them coming back later and costing more money). 
  • We can even send an addition bulb holder so that you can have a standard bulb in your fitting until your chandelier arrives. 



  • In the standard kit you will receive two ceiling hooks and screws, a ceiling cap (all matching your component colour choice) and cable at the length requested with a three pin socket. 
  • We will also send a plan with measurements so that the hooks can be placed in the right position. This way it can be installed by your electrician and when your chandelier arrives you simply hook on the chains and plug it in! 


This kit also allows you to then take down your fixture for ease of cleaning, or decorating, without having to remove and rewire the fixture to your mains. 



  • If you need light in the room whilst you are waiting for your fixture, choose the plus kit to receive a bulb holder to plug into your advance cable kit. 
  • This is also a great option for decorating, you can take down the chandelier with ease and plug in the temporary bulb, thus it protects your fixture from paint splashes and keeps working light in your room.


When we wire your chandelier, we will wire on the three pin plug and leave extra space in the top of the fixture to allow the plug and socket to be hidden out of sight.


If your component and cable colour choices are in stock we can have this kit sent to you within 5 working days, it may take up to 10 days in the case of special colour orders. 


Read more about the advance wiring kit on our blog.

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