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The Design Process: Wooden Beam Chandeliers and Cluster Pendant Lights

Transform your home with one of our gorgeous reclaimed wooden beam lights, cluster pedant lights or cascade chandeliers. Our chandeliers are perfect above a dining table or kitchen island, can add the “wow’ factor to an entrance way or staircase, and cast a soft warm glow over any living space. Using multiple bulbs gives you the practicality of fantastic light output and then when used with a dimmer, you can dial down the light level to give the perfect ambience in any space. Each of our lighting fixtures is unique, we design and hand make them in our studio based in Cockington, Devon

The design of your lighting fixture is collaborative process between MooBoo Home and you. It is a bespoke made to order item and you can be assured that there wont be another like it! We want to make sure that you receive exactly what you want for your home and that's why we work with you to design your light. Perfect for the dining room as a feature over your dining table, a wonderful way of adding warmth to a living room or kitchen island. Want something special hanging over your bed? We can design a light fixture that's personal to you.

We have many gorgeous species of reclaimed timber in our studio, and if we don't have the perfect piece for your home, we will try to find it. We take into consideration many factors when designing the perfect lighting fixture for your home, or business. We have some basic recommendations about where to start when designing, but ultimately, the overall size, shape and finish is totally up to you. Some people like lots of bulbs clustered tightly together, others prefer the bulbs further spread apart across the canopy to show off the reclaimed timber more. Some wish to wrap the cables around the outside of a reclaimed timber beam, others prefer the cables passed through the centre. We will ask you about the rustic level of the reclaimed timber on a scale of 1 - 10 that you would like, one being neat and ten being super rustic, and knarly. The you have hundreds of choices of cable and components styles and colours - but don't worry, we can guide you through the process and design a fixture thats perfect for you and your home or business.

We can then look at other places in your home where we can match lighting, be it with complementary lamps or wall lights, or pendants using the same cables, components and bulbs. This way you can have continuity across your space and be reassured that no one else will have interior lighting design like yours.

We will draw a scale plan so that you can better imagine the lighting fixture in your space, we'll ask you for the measurements of the room and furniture (if any) below the fixture and you will sign off on the design before we begin work.

Design Choices

You choose the stain colour and finish of the timber, the cable colour, and finish of the bulb holders. We also need to know the distance that you would like between the ceiling and the top of the chandelier and also the maximum drop length (to the bottom of the bulb holder). Once you have chosen your components, and we have agreed on the overall size and finish, we will put the light together in our workshop and before the final wiring we will discuss with you the final lengths and juxtaposition (pattern) of the bulbs. We never make a decision on your behalf, we always ask you first and we keep you fully informed every step of the way to ensure that you receive exactly what you want for your home.

Our lead time is often 6 weeks or more, and we understand that you may be having work done now, or in the near future, and may not be able to wait for your fixture. Therefore to save time, and also the cost of having your electrician back, we can send in advance a hanging kit which includes your ceiling hooks, screws, ceiling cap with pre-wired small three pin connector plug with the drawing of your fixture for your builder/electrician to install in advance. That way, when your fixture arrives, it is simply a case of hanging and plugging in (we will have made sure that there is space in the top of the timber to hide the plug, so the view from below will still be seamless). This also makes it easy to take down your fixture for cleaning in the future. 

The lengths of timber and number of bulbs are our design recommendations and we find that they work very well, but ultimately we are guided by you, and what you want to achieve in your space. The price of the piece is not just in relation to how many bulbs holders you choose, but also the length and type of timber.  Each piece of wood that we use will differ slightly as it is reclaimed, but we make sure we choose the best pieces possible and really work on bringing out the natural beauty of the colour and grain


Q1: "Our ceilings are low/we are not sure of headroom, how low does your light hang?"

We design the lighting fixture to fit your space, so the overall hanging length is up to you and we will make it to your specifications. We can draw you a scale plan of your room so that you can better imagine the light in your space, we will just need few measurements from you to do so. We often ask the height of the tallest person in the house, and recommend that the lowest bulb is at the forehead height of that person. That way, when talking across the table when standing, or bending over the table, the bulbs are not obtrusive to eye lines or bumped. When designing for an open space such as a living room or hallway, we need to take into consideration practicalities, such as lifting children, arms in the air or putting on and removing clothing, that way we can make sure that the bulbs are not hit.

Q2: "I want only a little bit of space between the ceiling and the wooden part of my light, how close can you get to the ceiling whilst still using chains?"

The minimum distance that the light can hang from the ceiling, using chain and hooks, is 12cm. We can also attach the timber directly to the ceiling.

Q3: "I have really high ceilings and need a long chain, how much is included in the base price?"

A distance of 50cm between the top of the timber and the ceiling is included in the basic price of our online shop listings. If you need a longer distance please message first as there will be an extra charge. Similarly if you would like a very long drop of cable below the light please do message us before purchasing a website listing for a bespoke design and quote

Q4: "Do you know the sizes of bulbs to take that into account when working out the maximum drop?"

Yes, we can advise on bulb sizes and will take them into account when designing your light, please let us know which bulbs you are planning on using. We can also advise on bulb shapes, sizes and the practicalities of certain shapes and colours. If you are not sure about which bulbs you would like, we can build the fixture and make it adjustable so that we can try different bulbs when it's finished and you can decide then.

Q5: "Do I have to use vintage bulbs?"

No, you can use any bulbs that you like. The bulb holders are E27/ES, a standard screw fit. We supply Calex LED decorative bulbs and have a wide range in our web shop. These bulbs are tried and tested by us, are dimmable, have a long life (15,000 - 10 years of on 4 hours per day) and look juts as good off as when on.

Q6: "Will the chandelier work with a dimmer switch?"

We highly recommend that you have a dimmer installed to get the full beauty from your wooden beam light. Being able to dim the bulbs from 1% to 100% gives you the versatility of having a main light with lots of output for everyday tasks and then you are able to dial it down for ambience when desired. 

Q7: "Why aren't bulbs included in the price?"

The selection of bulbs available is vast and we want you to be able to choose your own look. Prices vary depending on the size and shape of the bulbs and so it would be impossible for us to fold it into the price of the chandelier without knowing which shape, size and colour you want to use.

Q8: "Where can I buy bulbs?"

Vintage style decorative LED bulbs are widely available on online and now in most high street DIY and electrical shops. We stock a wide range of Calex bulbs, take a look at our bulb web shop. Calex bulbs are tried and tested by us and are very reliable, but there is no obligation to buy bulbs from us, there is a wide range available online.

Q9: "What measurements do you need?"

As a rule the closest we can get the top of the light to your ceiling is 12cm. We then add the depth of the timber and then work out the hanging length of the cable. We need to know your maximum hanging length (the lowest you want it to hang from the ceiling) and the type of bulb (size and shape) that you are going to use in order to work out how long we should make the cables. Where your light will hang is important, is it going over a table or does it need to clear head height? How high are your ceilings? If we know this information then we can help you work out the measurements to make sure that you get a the perfect light for your space.

Q10: "Can the light be attached directly to the ceiling?"

Yes. We can make a light for you that does not include the chain, hooks and ceiling rose. There will be space for the electrical wiring and we will then drill holes for you so that you can attach the light directly to your ceiling. 

Q11: "Do you send any fixings with the light?"

We will send you matching screws to use with your ceiling hanging parts, however these are wood screws and if they are not suitable for you ceiling type then please ask advice from a qualified builder or electrician.

Our wooden beam chandeliers and wooden cascade lights must be attached to a suitable surface. Therefore we do not recommend that our fixtures are attached to plasterboard, the hooks must be fixed to sound, and free of rot, joist timbers. If there are no joists in the correct position then we recommend having noggins fitted by a competent builder.

Q12: "How heavy is the wooden beam light?"

That really depends on the overall size and the timber that we use, hard or softwood. If you want to make sure that you can safely hang our light please do send us a message with the number of bulbs that you would like and we can give you a weight estimate. 

Q13: "What's your lead time, how long will it take to make and ship?"

The processing time, or estimated delivery time, depends on how long the design process takes and then sourcing materials in order to make your light. Rest assured it will be completed as soon as possible. If you have a date in mind, or a deadline, then please send us a message and we can give you a time estimate. You can view our current lead time, and status of your order, on the client page of our website.

Q14: "Can I put shades or mason jars on the bulb holders?"

Yes, but please let us know when you order as we will need to use different bulb holders with shade rings to make sure that you can securely attach your shade or jar.

Q15: “Do you use solid pieces of timber”

Yes. We never use strip wood or multiple pieces to make it look like a beam. Our timbers are reclaimed solid, whole pieces.

Q16: “Do I you use rotten wood or pieces with woodworm?”

If any of our pieces show any signs of past woodworm they are thoroughly treated as soon as they come into the workshop as we cannot afford to have worm in our studio spread to other timbers. Superficial rot can add to the rustic charm, however we won’t use anything too far gone and never screw hanging parts onto an un secure area. Before the chandeliers leave the studio they are hung for at least 24 hours to ensure that the fixings are solid and safe.

Q17: "Safety and compliance with regulations"

We certify our fixtures with the UKCA mark which is the replacement for the universally recognised CE mark since the UK left the European Union. The UKCA(CE) mark is a certification mark that indicates conformity with health, safety, and environmental protection standards for products sold within the European Economic Area (EEA). The CE marking is the manufacturer's declaration that the product meets the requirements of the applicable EC directives. You can request to see a copy of our DoC (declaration of conformity, we are happy to share it with you).

US, EU and rest of the world shipping. We can ship our chandeliers all over the world. 

* PLEASE NOTE * Each light that we make is designed for use in the UK (240V ES lamp holder) and our lights are earthed due to the use of metal lamp holders (unless we are making a light specifically for a region, such as the USA. We cannot take any responsibility for the safety of the light if the electrics provided are removed or tampered with. If you are uncertain of how to install your light please consult or hire a qualified electrician. All components will be provided with the exception of plugs to screw the hook plates into your ceiling. Please ensure that you purchase the correct type of plugs for your ceiling to ensure the light is securely attached. We cannot accept any responsibility for lights that have been damaged, nor any damage to surrounding furniture and plasterwork, due to being hung with the wrong type of fixing, or that have not been installed by a qualified electrician.

USA and Canada
The US UNO thread lamp holders are UL listed/recognised components, suitable for both the USA and Canada. UL File no. E227063. The bulb holder can be visually inspected to see the UL mark. The manufacturer states that ‘They are all of the highest quality and will ensure you can confidently supply first class luminaires into North America’.

Our chandeliers are one of a kind items and we do not mass produce them, as each is different we cannot send a sample product off for testing, or each individual piece when complete. UL or ETL listing is almost always required by commercial building code, a lot of residential-grade lighting products will be neither UL nor ETL listed and it’s not a legal requirement.

We certify our fixtures with the UKCA mark which is the replacement for the universally recognised CE mark since the UK left the European Union. UKCA/CE marking is a certification mark that indicates conformity with health, safety, and environmental protection standards for products sold within the European Economic Area (EEA).[1] The CE marking is also found on products sold outside the EEA that are manufactured in the EEA. This makes the CE marking recognizable worldwide even to people who are not familiar with the European Economic Area. It is, in that sense, similar to the FCC Declaration of Conformity used on certain electronic devices sold in the United States.

Sound Good? Have a browse in our Shop and get in touch if you have any questions or would like to discuss your perfect design.

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