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Reclaimed Wood Table assembly and care instructions

Our rustic dining, console, counter and bar tables are made from reclaimed wood, and because our tables are made to order for each of our clients, to their size and finish, it will be totally unique.

You choose from a wide range of industrial style box steel table legs, either in chunky box steel or elegant hairpin legs in a variation of sizes and colours. From the lowest coffee table, to benches, console tables, dining tables and bar tables -  we have a set of legs that will perfectly compliment your reclaimed wood table top.


Our tables are very rustic - we only use reclaimed wood and as such they will not be perfectly flat, boards may sit slightly unevenly and the timber may move over time due to the home environment changing through the seasons. The timber may also feature splits and cracks, and these can also change over time. We love the character in our reclaimed timbers, if we milled each piece totally flat, it would lose its rustic charm and patina, and as such we may as well be using brand new timber, and that's not what we do!

MooBoo Home is the perfect place to commission a reclaimed wood table with bundles of rustic character and charm.



When you attach the legs please use the fixings included, and always have two people turn the table onto it’s legs taking care not to use a single or two legs as a pivot – timber can be very heavy and attempting to right the table solo, or allowing it to rest on one or two legs, could result in the legs being ripped from the table top, and also personal injury.

Lightly tighten the screws/coach screws until all are fixed and then tighten each in turn. A slight wobble with a table of this rustic level is possible and so pads or feet (depending on your leg choice) have been included to assist in suring up the table.

Daily use tips and care

When your table arrives please take good care for the first few weeks, especially if it is freshly oiled or waxed, to allow the finish to settle and completely seal the timber.

As the surface will be a little uneven please use mats and coasters.

Use cloths, mats and coasters to protect the timber and prevent stains.

Interior atmosphere will affect your table, heat and moisture (air dry cool air from air conditioning) will cause the table to expand and contract and it typically takes 12 months for a table to settle fully into its environment.

Direct sunlight will change the colour of your table, bleaching it over time.

When moving the table around please avoid dragging it, always use two people to lift and re-position. 

Our reclaimed wood tables have bundles of rustic charm, and as such the top will not be perfectly level. There are also gaps and splits in the timber which enhance its beauty. To clean simply hoover out the gaps using your crevice tool and use a damp (not wet) cloth. Avoid using harsh chemicals which can cause the varnish to go sticky or can change the colour of, or even strip away, waxes and oils.

If your table is finished with a wax or oil you will need to maintain this finish by re-applying, typically once a year, but the frequency depends on the level of use.

For tables finished with Ronseal diamond hard interior varnish, they should last for many years with little maintenance. Should you feel that your table needs a touch up, lightly sand the area and coat again with the varnish (widely available online and in DIY shops). If you opted to have your table stained please drop us a line and we can advise on which product to use.

Our reclaimed wood tables feature their history and years of use in every knock and crack, in the grain, and the patina will be lovely and mature with age.

Matching Norwegian Spruce Dining Table and Wooden Beam Light

We also make reclaimed wooden beam lights to compliment your table, take a look at our matching Norwegian Spruce set. If a wooden beam chandelier isn't right for your space we also make matching wall lights and table lamps to complete your room.

If you choose to commission a reclaimed wood table from MooBoo Home, we hope that you have many happy years around it. Please do send us a photo of the first roast, gathering or game – we love to see our creations in their new homes
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