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Whiskey Barrel Clock Oak Finish Made to Order

Whiskey Barrel Clock Oak Finish Made to Order

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Elevate Your Home with Our Distinctive Whiskey Barrel Clocks

Our exquisite whiskey barrel clocks are the epitome of rustic elegance, making a statement in any home. When these lids arrive, they often bear the marks of time, covered in layers of grime and remnants of wax. However, in our workshop, we embark on a journey to restore the oak's natural beauty, unveiling its stunning hues and age-acquired patina.

These barrels span a spectrum from light to dark oak, with each layer of sanding revealing a lighter, more radiant wood beneath. The choice is yours, as you'll select the exact lid that will become your unique clock. We'll send you a selection of photos showcasing our available stock, and if you'd like, we can even perform test patches to unveil the hidden beauty beneath the accumulated dirt.

Clock specifics:

  • Diameter: Ranging from 50-60cm.
  • Colour & Patina: Each clock boasts a unique blend of colour and patina, a testament to its individual history.
  • Customisation: Upon placing your order, we'll reach out to discuss your preferred size and confirm your colour choices. You can also personalise the clock face's overall colour, allowing it to seamlessly integrate into your space.
  • Numbering: Opt for classic numbers or elegant numerals, either in a natural finish or a specific spray colour.
  • Clock Hands Mechanism: Choose from black, brushed silver, rose gold, and brushed gold mechanisms.

Feel free to reach out to us at or start a WhatsApp conversation at 07538284563. We can provide details about our current oak inventory or assist in sourcing the perfect piece to suit your preferences.

Please Note: These clocks are crafted for interior use and are not suitable for outdoor placement.

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