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Twisted Electric Cable Rayon TM13 Brown

Twisted Electric Cable Rayon TM13 Brown

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Ideal for lighting projects with a modern and elegant look, our Rayon cables offer colours bright and shiny. 100% Made in Italy. They are perfect for creating designer lamps, to renew a lampshade and to give a touch of colour to your home or at your office.


How to choose the type of coating: Rayon, Cotton or Linen? Many customers ask us: what is the difference between the coatings Rayon, Cotton or linen? The answer depends entirely on the type of effect you want to achieve. Cotton and Linen have a matt and natural effect; the Rayon instead enhances colour brilliance. Often it is used to combine the natural effect with vintage items such as brass, copper, iron or porcelain, while Rayon is coupled with coloured metal, with chrome or satin trims.

Specifications: Data sheet FRRTX 300/300V 2x0,75 o 3x0,75 Flex Twisted Visible Spiral Cable DOUBLE INSULATION (additional transparent sheath), braided woven cloth textile sleeve. CEI 20-20 CEI 20-35 RoHS. Diameter: 6,2 mm 2x0,75 or 6,6 mm 3x0,75. Product complies with all safety Italian and European regulations.

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