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DIY Chandelier Kit - 7 lamp holders

DIY Chandelier Kit - 7 lamp holders

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Do you want to turn your hand to making your own chandelier at home? We've got all the kit you need to transform a piece of your own timber into a stunning wood beam chandelier.

This kit is available in Bronze, Old English Brass, Nickel and Copper. This kit is designed for drilling holes into your timber and the cables dropping through the fixture. If you want to wrap your cables around a beam, please see our wrap around DIY kit.

Kit Contents:

7 x lamp holders.

2 x ceiling hooks + 4 screws. SWL 25KG each

1 x ceiling cap with cord grip and earth tag + 2 screws.

2 x lengths of chain (1m total - this allows for a 25cm drop from the ceiling to the top of the timber. Additional chain can be purchased here). SWL 25KG per chain, Max weight for a fixture using this chain 50KG.

3m Italian Fabric Twisted Cable - this should be enough for a 30cm drop below the timber canopy when wiring with random lengths of cables. Choose from Black Rayon, Black Cotton, Jute, Soft Brown Cotton, Rayon Brown, Sage Green. Additional cable can also be ordered via the cable links. 

20 x cable P clips and screws

1 x 16A Junction box

7 x cable protectors (black)

4 x screw in hooks (suitable for fixtures up to 15kg - if your timber is heavier please use appropriate fixings to endure that this chandelier will remain hung for years to come).

16 x ferrules

You will also need some tools.

In order to hide the cables in the top of the timber, you will need to make channels in the top of the wood. We use a hand router for this.

A 11mm drill bit to make the holes for the cables, electrical tape, scissors, wire strippers/cutters, power drill with cross head bit, terminal screwdriver, crimp tool.

You will also need to buy hooks for the top of your chosen wood that are appropriate for the weight. If in doubt it can work well to wrap chain around the beam - you will need to order more chain (if you need help in working our how much you need, please do get in touch),


You will need to purchase bulbs, we have a huge range available to make your chandelier truly special. Take a look at our bulbs here.

NEVER work on your fixture when powered, complete all electrical work and seal the junction box and lamp holders before plugging in. If in doubt consult an electrician. 

If making your own is a little daunting, or you don't have the tools at hand, why not ask us to make it for you? You can send us your chosen piece of timber and we will wire it for you. Get in touch for a quote.

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