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Withy Lobster Pot Pendant Shade

Withy Lobster Pot Pendant Shade

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A pendant shade made from a withy lobster pot is a unique and eco-friendly addition to any interior space. Hang high over a staircase, as a focal point in the centre of a living space, or low over a dining table or kitchen island, these unique handmade shades aren't available anywhere else and are unique to MooBoo Home.

The withy lobster pots are handmade by Sarah Ready, in Brixham here in Devon, and she is one of only a handful of craftspeople still making withy pots in the traditional way.

Withy lobster pot making is considered an endangered craft as so few people now practice it in the traditional manner. Follow Sarahs adventures and pot making on her instagram page @girlyfisherman, and even join one of her lobster pot making courses!

Pendant Shade Description:

Material: The primary material of this pendant shade is a withy or willow. Willow sticks, often referred to as 'withies', are long, thin, and flexible, making them perfect for constructing lobster pots, and in this case, a pendant shade.

Design: The pendant shade retains the traditional, design of a lobster pot. The withies are woven together in a tight pattern from top to bottom, forming an intricate, rustic lattice. The interwoven design allows for beautiful light patterns to be cast on the walls and ceilings, creating a warm, coastal ambience.

Shape: The shape is reminiscent of a classic lobster pot – but without a bottom, allowing light to shine directly downward


50cm diameter (approx, each is slightly different)

30cm deep (approx)

Chain length 17cm

Distance from ceiling to top of the shade 25cm (adjustable)

Distance from ceiling to bottom of shade 53cm

If you would like your pendant shade to hang lower please also add extra chain to your basket, or drop us a line to discuss.

Attachment: At the top of the pendant shade, there are two hand forged steel S hooks which attach direct to the willow. From that there is one length of chain which doubles up to make a 'V' shape and is hung from a ceiling cap with a hook. Your mains cable and lamp holder will pass through the centre of the shade and pass through the centre of the hook and ceiling cap to be attached to the mains power. You can choose the colours of the cable, ceiling cap, chain and lamp holder.

Finish: The natural, earthy tones of the withy give the pendant shade a raw, organic appeal. Over time, the withy may age and attain a silvery-grey patina, enhancing its rustic charm. Choose an XXL bulb from our range to really make an impact! (bulb pictured is the Amber Bilbao.

This pendant shade would be ideal for beach houses, coastal-themed restaurants, or any interior space looking to incorporate natural, sustainable materials with a touch of maritime history.

By using a withy lobster pot for a pendant shade, not only is there an aesthetic appeal, but it also tells a story – one of sustainable design, maritime tradition, and innovative use of a traditional craft.

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