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Whiskey Barrel Clock Painted Made to Order

Whiskey Barrel Clock Painted Made to Order

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Unique Whiskey Barrel Lid Clocks for Timeless Elegance

Introduce a touch of vintage allure to your space with our whiskey barrel lid clocks. Each lid we work with has a history; it's a canvas painted over time with multiple coats, each telling its own story from its many refinishes. The hues and patina differ from lid to lid, giving every clock its individual charm.

Upon ordering, you choose the actual lid that we use. We'll share photos of the available lids, allowing you to choose one that you love. If you have a particular colour tone in mind, we'll strive to find the perfect lid for you.

Our meticulous process involves gently stripping back the layers, revealing the beautiful oak beneath while retaining the captivating patina and hints of paint. The result? A unique timepiece that harmoniously merges history with contemporary design.

Clock specifics:

  • Diameter: Ranges between 50-60cm.
  • Clock Face: Each has its unique patina and colour.
  • Numbering: Opt for classic numbers or elegant numerals. You can request a specific spray colour or go for a natural finish.
  • Clock Hands Mechanism: Available in black, brushed silver, rose gold, and brushed gold.

After placing your order, we'll promptly contact you to discuss size preferences and colour options, ensuring your clock is tailored to your taste.

For a deeper dive into our available oak selection or to communicate specific requirements, you're welcome to email us at or initiate a WhatsApp chat at 07538284563.

Note: These clocks are crafted for interior use and are not suitable for outdoor placement.

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Customer Reviews

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Gary Stocken
Barrel top clock

We recently received our barrel clock from Nic and Andy at MooBoo. Nic sent WhatApp videos to help us choose a barrel lid we liked .Further videos followed to show how it was being created as a bespoke item to enhance our home. I would recommend MooBoo Home , please look at their website you won’t be disappointed.