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Vintage Phonograph Speaker Horns

Vintage Phonograph Speaker Horns

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At first glance, these vintage phonograph speaker horns may not catch your eye, but with a touch of craftsmanship and a few weeks' time, they will transform into stunning, one-of-a-kind acoustic speakers for your smartphone. We take pride in creating exceptional, bespoke gifts, and with gramophone and phonograph horns as rare as hen's teeth, getting your hands on one of our four exclusive options will feel like an early Christmas gift!


We have already made the mini horn into a speaker, click here to view it.

Choose from Four Distinct Options

Each horn possesses its own unique character and history. While we are gearing up to convert them into fully-fledged speakers, you have the exciting opportunity to collaborate with us on the design process. Customization is key – you get to select the timber, the style of phone mounting, the horn's position and angle, and even decide whether we should restore them to their former glory or leave the captivating rust patina that tells the tale of their life before reaching our workshop.

Universal Smartphone Compatibility

Rest assured, we craft these speakers to ensure they will snugly accommodate most smartphone models for years to come. It's a blend of timeless elegance and modern functionality!

Personalise Your Speaker

For that extra touch of personalisation, you can opt to have custom artwork printed on the timber bases. Your vintage speaker will not only offer exceptional sound but also make a striking visual statement.

A Glimpse into the Past

Explore each image to see the current condition of the horn, and check out some images of our finished speakers to get a sense of the transformation. If you're eager to get started on your unique acoustic journey, drop us a line in advance, and we'll be delighted to discuss your vision.

Pricing Details

The prices shown start with sealing the horns in their current state and a solid base which transfers the sound waves from your phone to the horn. If you desire a full restoration of the horn or any custom artwork, simply select the appropriate option at checkout to tailor your vintage speaker to your exact specifications.

Choices are:

Your choice of horn with:

Original patina - the horn is cleaned and sealed, keeping the age and rust detail.

Restored - Cleaned, welded where needed, returned to matte or satin black.

Either of the above with custom artwork - we can print and ink artwork or text onto the wood base, there may be an extra charge depending on the design and its complexity.

You can order a horn now and choose how we make the speaker, but we will start to make these in the coming days how we like, so be quick if you want a hand in the design.

Don't miss the chance to own a piece of history and bring your smartphone's audio to life with these exceptional vintage phonograph speaker horns. Order now and be a part of the creative process!

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