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Cage Shades

Cage Shades

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Our cage shades are perfect in ceiling pendants, or on our table lamps. They offer practical protection for the bulb, especially if you have little ones running around, but also throw wonderful shadows across your interior.
  • We have these specially made for us by a master lamp shade maker. 
  • They are finished to match with our Old English Brass components and can be used on table lamps, wall lights, and ceiling pendants. 


The shade ring fits E27 lamp holders, but you can reduce this size using a plastic insert to fit a bayonet cap.  


  • The XL pumpkin is outer diameter is 35cm, height 29cm, £35
  • The small barrel cage has an outer diameter of 14cm, height 18cm, £20.
  • The small pumkin 18 cm height 14cm, £20 


The XL pumkin shade will fit up to the G125 size bulb. Small barrel and pumkin shade will fit a G80 small globe or ST64 teardrop shape bulb.


Why not ask us to make a lamp with one of the small cages, or a ceiling pendant set for the large pumpkin.

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