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How to dress your wooden beam light for the changing seasons

Wooden beam lighting, or wood beam chandeliers, are so versatile. Lots of our clients like to dress to tops of their chandeliers for the changing seasons. The reclaimed wood is natural and warm and the perfect staging area for foliage and floral arrangements. Here are our top tips for dressing your wood beam chandeliers.

Dont use real plants that need water. It sounds obvious, but unless you've asked us to make it water proof, your fixture is not suitable for use with live organic plants. If water gets into the junction box or drips down the cables, their is a risk of electrocution and it will certainly blow the circuits in your home. It's much safer to use feaux plants on your wooden beam chandelier.

 If you'd like us to make your fixture waterproof we can certainly accommodate, it will just have larger weather proof lamp holders, like these Eiva lamp holders that we use in our outdoor fixtures.

Dress your chandelier for the changing seasons, Christmas is particularly fun!

As soon as we hit mid November, I start to plan our dining room chandelier dressing. Our chandelier is quite slim, we have a 700 year old piece of oak with 7 lamp holders, and so our festive decor doesn't have much space on the top for fixing. I use a garland of artificial eucalyptus which is dotted with red berries and pine cones. Slung over the top of the oak beam are red ribbons with pine cones which hang between the bulbs. I use the hooks and existing nails in the old oak to secure the garland, but don't be afraid to use p clips and screws to secure your decorations, no lasting harm will be done to the stability of the timber and you can re-use the screw holes for years to come.

Our studio neighbours, Our Glass, in the Stable Yard Studios at Cockington Court make gorgeous one of a kind glass baubles. We like to dress our studio oak beam chandelier with their baubles in the run up to Christmas. The unique glass baubles hang between the lit vintage style led bulbs which enhance the colours in the glass. These baubles really add an extra touch of class to our chandeliers and if you choose none festive colours such as blues and greens, they can remain part of your chandelier all year round.

Swap a few of your bulbs for star bulbs. I wouldn't recommend changing all of your bulbs for stars as this can be overkill, but swapping out two or three can add a lovely festive feel and extra sparkle to your wooden beam light.

Consider drying some orange and apple slices and hanging them with some cinnamon sticks and foraged pine cones on ribbon from your wooden beam chandelier. The oranges and cinnamon will give a lovely gentle scent throughout the festive season and the decorative LED bulbs will enhance the translucent flesh of the fruits.

Client Focus

Our client, Issy, dresses her chandelier for every season, I particularly love her festive decor where she adds some battery powered LED fairy light strings to the top of her ancient elm beam chandelier, it adds an extra sparkle!


Use bright yellows with fresh greens to herald the start of spring. When the daffodils start to bloom, treat your wooden beam light to a spring update using feaux spring flowers which can also see you through the summer months.


Fresh green foliage is the way to go! Keep it simple and light, the greens will be enhanced by the decorative LED bulbs, no need for extra colour here - the garden is providing it in abundance and interiorly it's nice to keep it simple.


As soon as the weather turns, get those fabric pumpkins out! Burnt oranges and yellows will reflect the changing leaves outside, and give your wooden beam chandelier a cosy and warm feeling. Add foliage, and of course when it comes to halloween, your wooden beam light is the perfect staging area for hanging cobwebs and spiders for that extra spooky feel.

Use dried flowers and foliage

Dried flowers are very popular at the moment, providing long lasting natural blooms which enhance any interior. Flower La Vita at Sea Change studios in Cockington Court has an amazing range of dried flowers perfect for dressing your chandelier at any time of the year.

If you are using dried flowers you will need some extra floral arranging wire to tie the stems together, it may take a little time to get it just right, but it's well worth the time and effort.

Our wooden beam lights are so versatile, they add an extra platform to showcase your unique and personal interior style. Get in touch to discuss your perfect wooden beam light to elevate your interior.




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