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A Grand Design with MooBoo Home

Picture this: a breathtaking dwelling that sits in harmony with nature, where bedroom pods appear to dance on stilts amongst the trees. That was the dream Danny, a dedicated father, sought to realise in Series 24, Episode 2 of "Grand Designs". With Kevin McCloud and his team narrating the journey, the episode presents a Lincolnshire landscape transformed, and a home birthed with sustainability and budget mindfulness at its core.

Our encounter with Danny unfurled in the summer of 2022. On a mission to bring the outside in, we crafted two enchanting chandeliers for Danny's home: one hewn from oak, the other from red cedar. The oak, in all its robust elegance, now resides above his kitchen island. And the honour of its feature in the episode? Have a watch here.

Nestled beside a tranquil pond with expansive views of the Lincolnshire countryside, Danny's home is a tribute to nature. With his children in mind, he envisioned a space where they'd intimately connect with the world outside. The residence tells this story with architectural fervour—three sleeping pods elevated on stilts, their structural beams of raw steel intricately mimicking the silver birches that guard the perimeter.

The exterior of the build, scaffold surrounds the frame with insulation visible

Despite the budget-conscious undertone, Danny sought opulence in simplicity. It was during my visit, amidst the skeletal beauty of an erect but windowless structure, that the inspiration struck. Littered around were timbers from felled trees, awaiting their reincarnation. Understanding Danny's vision and seeing the potential of the materials on site, it was evident: nature would not just surround the home; it would permeate it.

Our first creation, hovering gracefully over the kitchen island, owes its existence to a bittersweet accident. A delivery mishap left an oak bruised, but in its resilience, we saw a chance for rebirth. Crafted with natural oak, complemented by the depth of the kitchen's grey hues and accentuated by black twisted Italian fabric cable, the chandelier emerges as a beacon of warmth and harmony.

But that wasn’t the end of our creative endeavour. The home's sleek staircase, a conduit between the living and resting spaces, stood beside a vast vertical window.

An idea dawned during a stroll by the pond: a chandelier that could be admired both externally and internally. Danny's stash of red cedar became our muse. When sliced, this wood reveals a vibrant red-purple allure (and oh, the aroma!). The resulting chandelier, a cascade of cedar slices, unfurls its beauty along the staircase. Although this piece didn’t grace the screen, stay tuned; we'll be showcasing it soon, in the meantime here it is whilst being tested in our workshop.


Red cedar chandelier

Efficiency Beyond Design

A cornerstone of Danny's vision was sustainability, and this ethos seamlessly extends to the finer details of the home. The bulbs chosen for our chandeliers are not just aesthetically pleasing but are also champions of energy efficiency. Consuming a mere 3.8 watts per bulb, their brilliance doesn’t come at the cost of the environment. With an impressive lifespan of 15,000 hours, homeowners can bask in their warm glow for over a decade without a second thought of replacement. Such attributes harmonise perfectly with the home's overarching theme: an energy-efficient marvel, super-insulated, and powered by solar electricity. Here, design, sustainability, and innovation converge, illuminating the path for modern living.

Bespoke Lighting for Self Builders

Having our chandeliers featured on "Grand Designs" is a testament to the transformative power of bespoke lighting in modern architectural wonders. For self-builders, the journey of constructing a home is a meticulous blend of artistry and precision. Integrating bespoke lighting into this process not only enhances the overall aesthetic but ensures functionality is kept at the forefront. As the build progresses, it's pivotal to collaborate closely on the design phase, ensuring that first-fix electrics are strategically positioned. This forward-thinking approach ensures that when it's time to illuminate your space, every light hangs seamlessly, supported by timber fixtures adeptly concealed behind the ceiling, ready to bear the weight and beauty of majestic chandeliers.

Moreover, the magic doesn't stop at grand chandeliers. To weave a consistent narrative throughout the home, we curate pendant lights, uniquely designed to echo and complement the larger showcase fixtures. This harmonious approach crafts an ambiance that radiates from room to room, ensuring each space is both distinct yet part of a cohesive whole. And the true beauty? Opting for designer-makers like us means you're not merely buying a lighting fixture; you're investing in a story, a craft, and a vision. This bespoke journey brings a richer, more personal touch to interiors than any off-the-shelf option could ever hope to. By choosing custom, you're not just illuminating a room – you're casting a dream into reality.

Get in touch today to discuss bespoke lighting for your self build or extension.


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