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Tip the Plank - Garden version of Shut the Box

Tip the Plank - Garden version of Shut the Box

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Fun for all your guests this summer, a giant garden version of the popular dice Game Shut the Box, but ours is so big that we call it Tip the Plank!

A game of Tip the Plank comes with one set of large handmade dice. We use reclaimed wood to make these sets, and so each will be unique. Our timber may change as we will use what we have in stock to make these games. If you would like to confirm in advance the exact timber and sizes, please do get in touch.

You'll need a notepad to keep score and this large garden game is best played in teams of two, one to roll the dice and the another to tip the planks.

The object of the game is to tip all the planks down or obtain the lowest score. 

How to Play

  • Tip the Plank can be played individually or with multiple players. Each round begins by standing up the planks so that all numbers are visible. The player with the highest roll of both dice goes first.
  • During each round, each player will take turns which consists of multiple rolls to tip as many planks as possible. The player can choose up to any combination or pattern in which they feel. The first player rolls both dice and counts the number of ‘pips’ (black dots) on the dice. Add the numbers on the dice together. Using this total, the player can knock down any combination of numbered planks that add up to the total. For example, if a player rolls a total 9, the player can choose up to any of the following:
    4,2 & 3
    4,1 & 4

*Note: If the levers numbered 7-9 (or 7-12 depending on the version of the game board) are still ‘up’, the player must roll both dice, if these planks are ‘down’, the player may choose to roll one die or both dice.

  • The first player continues to roll the dice until they can no longer ‘tip any planks’ an appropriate combination of numbers. If none of the options are available to play and have been tipped, then the players turn is finished. Add up the numbers on the levers that remain ‘up’, and this is the first player’s score. For example, if the 1, 2, and 9 levers are still ‘up’, the player’s score is 12.
  • When it is the second player’s turn, all the levers are tipped up again, and the second player repeats the process of the game
  • When all players have had a turn, the player with the lowest score is the winner, but if one player tips all the planks over, they are said to have “Tipped the Planks”, their highest score is wiped from the pad. At the ned of the game (as many rounds as you wish) add it the scores and the player with the lowest score, wins.

We make these sets to order, and so there will be a lead time of around 2-3 weeks from the point of order.

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